Engagement 4 Learning | A Resource for Educators

When I first saw…

…the Engagement Scale and Profile I thought “Been there done that” … How wrong was I? I can honestly say it has inspired me and changed my way of thinking about teaching and learning.’

(Assistant Head Teacher, CLDD Development School)


Without engagement…

…there is no deep learning, effective teaching, meaningful outcome, real attainment or quality progress.

(Carpenter, 2010)


Engagement is…

‘a journey which connects a child and their environment (including people, ideas, materials and concepts) to enable learning and achievement.’

(Carpenter et al., 2011)



The Engagement for Learning Framework is a resource for educators, including teachers, teaching assistants and therapists working in both mainstream and special education. It enables them to explore and identify effective teaching and learning strategies for children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as to record, measure and demonstrate learning outcomes in a meaningful way.