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Out of Control Learning…

A whole class approach to using the seven attributes of Engagement to celebrate student achievement Mahinawa Special School, Wellington, New Zealand has embraced the Engagement for Learning (E4L) approach since 2015. For the past year and a half the school has...

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A Multi-Agency Approach to Using the Engagement for Learning Framework – Charlotte Parkhouse, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Katherine Shearer, Lead Teacher, Riverside School, Bromley, Kent

Introduction: For a Speech and Language Therapist, there are many challenges involved in achieving the most effective interventions possible in the Special School environment. Both direct and indirect therapy time is limited and yet pupils with Complex Learning...

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‘Engagement for Learning: Opportunities for SENCOs’

Background The Rochford Review was established in July 2015 to review statutory assessment arrangements for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests. The interim report, published in December 2015 provided an interim solution for reporting...

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Mental Health

Bev Cockbill, Training Co-ordinator and structured teaching practitioner in complex learning needs , and Jo Egerton, Schools Research Consultant ‘School is a critical environment where young people should be able to flourish across all domains of their lives… [There...

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Rochford Review Consultation

Rochford Review consultation – closes 22 June 2017 CONTRIBUTE YOUR VIEWS Consultation questionnaire:   Rochford Review proposals:...

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Engaging The Learner With PMLD

This blog discusses the education of pupils with PMLD with particular reference to the Rochford Review (DfE 2016) recommendation that the statutory P level assessment for pupils working below the standard of subject specific learning should be removed. The pupils...

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Engagement: from Principles to Practice

In Education, Engagement is the cornerstone of good practice. Engagement is fundamental to high quality teaching; it is the life-force for effective learning. Engagement is inclusive of all learners of all ages and abilities. When you think about it Engagement for...

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Our Resource Book

Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

By Barry Carpenter, Jo Egerton, Beverley Cockbill, Tamara Bloom, Jodie Fotheringham, Hollie Rawson, Jane Thistlethwaite

Our resource book for teachers and teaching assistants, the book provides school practitioners and leaders with an approach and resources to engage this often disenfranchized group of children in learning. The Engagement for Learning Framework has been developed and trialled by over 100 educational settings (both special and mainstream) with learners from early years to post-16. It gives practitioners from a range of disciplines a shared means of assessing, recording and developing personalized learning pathways and demonstrating progression for these children. The focus on inquiry means that however complex a young person’s needs, educators will be able to apply the approach.

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