E4L Framework

The Engagement for Learning Framework offers educators the resources to construct personalised learning pathways, the flexibility to adjust and optimise them, and an effective means to evidence children’s progress. They have provided many educators, children and their families, both in mainstream and special education, with a way forward into learning. As one CLDD Project mainstream teacher stated: ‘Instead of failing all the time, [these children] can succeed.

Seven engagement indicators

Engagement can be understood as an ‘umbrella’ which can be broken down into manageable components that allow educators to focus on, engineer and develop different aspects of learning. The Engagement for Learning Framework uses seven ‘indicators’ of engagement for learning illustrated below:

The Engagement for Learning resources

The Engagement for Learning resources available for download from this page include the Engagement Profile and Scale and the Engagement Ladder, as well as the Engagement for Learning Framework Guide and published articles which describe their use.

We advise you to:

  • Start by reading one or more of the articles available for download from this page. This will give you an overall view of the possible impact of working with the Engagement for Learning Framework.
  • For in-depth instructions on how to use the resources, read the Engagement for Learning Framework guide, which includes the resource templates and worked examples from mainstream and special education.
  • Download multiple copies of the individual resources as required.
  • If you need more information or clarification about using the Engagement for Learning Framework, move to the ‘Professional development’ tab, where there is a range of CPD options, or email the E4L team using the ‘Contact’ page.


Engagement for Learning Framework Guide

This resource provides detailed user guidance and examples for three of the Engagement for Learning Framework resources – the Engagement Profile, the Engagement Scale and the Engagement Ladder.

Engagement Profile

The Engagement Profile is used to describe a child’s ‘highest possible engagement for learning’ behaviours during their ‘most absorbing interest’ activity or activities. These may be observed in any environment (e.g. school, home, therapies, community activities, etc.).

Engagement Scale

The Engagement Scale allows assessment and documentation of a child’s progress on a journey from minimal engagement in a priority learning activity to high engagement as a result of adjustments made by educators.

Engagement Ladder

The Engagement Ladder helps educators to identify a priority learning focus for children with CLDD.

Creating a graph from CLDD Data

This download includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations on creating a ‘progress graph’ with Excel’

Early Inclusion Through Learning From Each Other – CLDD Briefing Sheets

11 Briefing Sheet Downloads available from Early Inclusion Through Learning From Each Other.

Our Resource Book

Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

By Barry Carpenter, Jo Egerton, Beverley Cockbill, Tamara Bloom, Jodie Fotheringham, Hollie Rawson, Jane Thistlethwaite

Our resource book for teachers and teaching assistants, the book provides school practitioners and leaders with an approach and resources to engage this often disenfranchized group of children in learning. The Engagement for Learning Framework has been developed and trialled by over 100 educational settings (both special and mainstream) with learners from early years to post-16. It gives practitioners from a range of disciplines a shared means of assessing, recording and developing personalized learning pathways and demonstrating progression for these children. The focus on inquiry means that however complex a young person’s needs, educators will be able to apply the approach.

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